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Coolmore Stud:  the home of dirty tricks

 I have been fighting John Magnier, Coolmore Stud's billionaire owner, for the last five years to defend my fundamental right to freedom of speech. Ireland's discredited judiciary aided and abetted Magnier suppress the availability of The Black Horse Inside Coolmore as his top lawyer, Paul Gallagher, now Attorney General in the latest coalition government, pulled stroke after stroke to avoid a legitimate public trial in a desperate act of legal treason. According to the law, the book always was, is today and always will be, 100 per cent lawful, but Ireland's utterly corrupt judges decided Magnier is above the law.

It became the biggest stitch up since the Bayeux Tapestry, which is a masterpiece of embroidery 70 metres long and 50 centimetres tall completed soon after the Battle of Hastings in 1066. I took comfort from what Charles Dickens said 200 years ago - the law is an ass - and kept fighting for justice. The full story is in The Black Horse Is Dying.

I also tell of the many dirty tricks Magnier and his blue chip solicitors, Arthur Cox, pulled as they strove to protect Coolmore Stud's tattered reputation, including their instructions to a leading Dublin public relations company to manipulate the way journalists reported my High Court

action. They pushed the writers to say that suicides at the stud farm were not caused by bullying. 

They don't come much dirtier than when Magnier demanded the legal costs I was required to pay when I lost the case I brought in 2016 - his lawyers falsely and fraudulently inflated the bill by E120,000 with the clear intention of damaging me. Gallagher was in on this scam - the legal system's watchdog slashed the fees he charged by E50,000 because they were grotesquely  excessive.

It was John Magnier who called the shots, the man who always wins. But not this time; it's not always about money.    William Jones   October 2020



         IS DYING 

is the second in a trilogy of Black Horse books taking a close look at the racing and breeding industries in Ireland and around the world.

The principal theme of this sequel to The Black Horse Inside Coolmore is the level of exploitation of racehorses through the illegal use of drugs. There is the equally sickening abuse of the people who work day in and day out with the horses who make the whole racing show what it is on a good day - mesmerising, breathtaking, unique.

US racing is currently on its knees after 37 horses died when racing or training at Santa Anita, California, with decades of a recklessly permissive attitude towards medication playing a major role in this welfare disaster as racing's rulers looked the other way. Most of these fatalities were caused by catastrophic leg fractures.

Irish racing is also awash with illegal and unauthorised drugs. Instead of dealing with the cheats, the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board has covered up and downplayed the seriousness of a situation which is out of control and threatens the future of a once dominant sport.

The exploitation of the noble thoroughbred has reached toxic levels throughout the world. Racing couldn't survive in any country without its share of funds from the curse of reckless gambling, estimated to be worth a staggering $500 billion globally, which eats away at more lives than all cancers combined. 

The true stories in this book show the depths to which American and Irish racing have slipped. They will change your view of this once great sport now at crisis point because of greed and corruption, exploitation and injustice. 




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